Jonah Berger’s 6 STEPPS applied to Advertising

Hi readers! Have you seen this commercial? Look down... back to me!  I love it! This commercial created by W&K was launched in 2010, and despite some initial scepticism, it has proven to be one of the brand's most successful campaigns of all time. As described in Adweek , it boosted the brand's sales in 107%, … Sigue leyendo Jonah Berger’s 6 STEPPS applied to Advertising


Social Profiling: Uses and Abuses

It all started with the exercise of finding as much information as possible about one person, based on a photo. I was very excited about playing Sherlock Holmes for a moment there, so, by using Google Reverse Image Search , I was able to find a Twitter account. Then I 'Googled' my way through a Linkedin … Sigue leyendo Social Profiling: Uses and Abuses

‘Horizontal Integration Specialist’ needed by Koala Mattress

I am sure that most of us have been spammed on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, with videos of a mattress that can hold a glass of wine while being jumped on without spilling. Behind this video is the Australian brand Koala, that produces and distributes ‘zero disturbance’ mattresses, and that has recently included sofas, bed … Sigue leyendo ‘Horizontal Integration Specialist’ needed by Koala Mattress

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I arrived in Australia armed with a bachelor's degree in industrial design and unrelenting positivity. In the past, I've worked in multidisciplinary teams as a 3D designer, where I developed advertising and promotional material, mainly for point of sale. These days, however, technology and digital communication are changing the way we promote brands, products, services … Sigue leyendo About this blog…